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Meet Our Team

Check out our local athletes and ambassadors here to learn more about how we are involved within the community. We work with everyone from local competitors, yoga instructors, military, police and much more!

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Certified RYT - True Self Ashtanga

Taylor Fenske. Certified RYT under Caroline Klebl of Source of Yoga as of 2011. Taylor has been practicing different styles of yoga for over 12years. It was through experience her own physical limitations that unfolded all of the other spiritual and mental aspects of Ashtanga. Looking to continue her training and practice under R. Sharath in Mysore, India at the Pattabhi Jois Center, (as taught by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois). Yoga originally is a moving meditation and way of life virtues to keep the body as able as the every growing mind. Finding through her travels the superficial and societal aspects of yoga only burned a deeper passion to share the importance philosophy has in Yoga. When getting her certification her goal was not to teach right away, but to find a deep understanding of ashtanga and how a personal practice as a whole can influence our lives. After three years of intense personal practice and some personal clients in 2016 she decided to launch True Self Ashtanga and make it a course offering more than a class. Personalized outlines made to take the time to practice ashtanga with all eight limbs to get the most mentally, physically and spiritual from a personal practice.