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Valued Partnerships

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Built By Players For Players

Co-Owners of the Program Shawn Belle and Dylan Stanley are the day to day hands on trainers for every athlete that joins our program. The foundation of our program relies on the fact that the two of us can relay our knowledge and experience to our athletes on a daily basis. We will not sell you our program and then pass you on to someone else; instead we spend every session working alongside our athlete’s ensuring we are ultimately creating a better hockey player.



Healthy Food & Meal Prep

Our Story..

Changing the world one "BITE" at a time

We all come from different backgrounds, with many different skill sets, coming together to help create a movement we are extreamly passionate about. Changing peoples views and lives with Healthy Eating. We have been through the struggles of day to day life and how busy it gets, traveling for work, and the long hours of shift work, we have prepped for fitness competitions, we have been elite athletes in different sports and federations, we have even dealt with our own health issues and witnessed first hand the importance and impact eating healthy has on our bodies and lives. Our main goal behind what we do at Bite Me Meals is to make the task and lifestyle of eating healthy simple, easy, affordable, and still delicious for people. It doesn't have to be boring!

Our Team of Certified Chefs, and Sport Nutrition experts help to make your meals healthy and delicious so you can reach whatever goal it is that you are trying to achieve without compromising taste and variety!

We are passionate about buying top quality ingredients, whole foods, and organic products when available so our customers can get maximum taste, the most health benefits from every ingredient, and the freshest product possible.

New Leaf DNA


DNA Testing Specific

New Leaf DNA is more than just a test of your genetics, we are more than just a diet plan. New Leaf DNA is a team of dedicated practitioners, nutrition coaches and personal trainers. We are a one stop shop for discovering and learning the perfect nutrition, health and fitness program specifically for your genetics. We incorporate genetic testing and nutrigenomics in order to provide a completely customized nutrition and or training program custom to you and you only. We want to empower you to learn what your genetic makeup is, help you understand the results, and provide you with a program that will not only provide positive benefits to your health and fitness, but we can help you improve longevity in your life.



Custom Lifestyle and Weightloss


New Leaf Fitness & Nutrition takes a positive, holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. It's not just about looking good, it's about feeling good too, and doing so while living a balanced enjoyable lifestyle. We want to empower you to create lasting, positive changes for your health.


We started New Leaf for those who want balance in their lives, and a fresh start, just like us. Want to start a new, fresh page in fitness AND in health? You’re in the right place. It isn't about losing the most weight or gaining the most muscle. It's about finding a balance that's right for you and your lifestyle. Working with New Leaf means making progress each day to develop yourself not only physically, but mentally as well.

Who are we? Click here to learn more about our team.


We understand that your priority might not be to live at the gym six days a week, or to become a fitness competitor or bodybuilder. We all can have families we need to share our lives with, kids to look after, friends to hang out with, and events to attend. We are here for not just the gym-goer. We’re here for:

  •  The mother of two

  •  The couple looking for a change in their lives

  •  The guy or girl wanting to be fit and develop their physique

  •  The person who can't always get to a gym

  •  Someone who wants change, but just doesn't know where to start

We are here for you; to show you how to live a look-good, feel-good lifestyle. And hey, if you are an athlete or bodybuilder, we’ve got your back too. Everyone needs an extra push from time to time.


Our programs are designed with three things in mind: health, balance, and your goals. Our meal plans can vary, from structured plans, to flexible meal planning, to macro counting. We take into consideration your likes, dislikes, and any limitations your diet may have. We design our programs specifically for you and your lifestyle, to help reach your goals with the tools to live a balanced life; while improving your personal fitness, health, mental health, energy and positive attitude towards fitness and food.

Many of our programs include online consultations and weekly progress check-ins. We do these online to work with you regardless of where you are, and to fit with your schedule. We will also answer any questions you may have, 24/7, via text or email. This accessibility, knowledge, and convenience is what separates us from other consultants.


WHL Hockey

In 2017-2018 we began our partnership with the Oilers Entertainment Group. We provided support to the Oil Kings team and ran multiple in game promotions.

For 2018-2019 season we advanced our partnership and began working directly with the Oil Kings training staff and the team as a whole. Providing the players with product seminars, player discounts, Presenting the Three Stars of the game all year long as well as Presenting the Maximum Health Player of the Month award including a trophy and product packages.  

Its been an incredible experience providing the players with new supplementation knowledge and helping them not only advanced their performance but recovery as well.